DecorFlou Gradient

OmniDecor gradient etched glass

DecorFlou Gradient is a gradient effect glass that OmniDecor produces using its own exclusive technique: the surface is opaque frosted at its base, and gradually becomes clear in the upper part of the sheet.

This glass is mostly used for shower enclosures, sliding glass doors, office glass partition walls, glass staircase railings. With its etching on an opaque surface – such as a mirror, or back painted – OmniDecor DecorFlou Gradient is an ideal solution for wall or furniture overlays (for example, wardrobe doors).
DecorFlou Gradient can be cut, polished, drilled like the standard float glass, and then tempered. It's available in the following glass tints: low-iron glass, grey glass, bronze glass.
DecorFlou Gradient etched glass is also available with a full etched band in the middle of the glass sheet, with full transparency in the upper and lower parts of it.
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