Butera Palace

Time rediscovered

Palazzo Butera, one of Palermo’s most scenographic buildings, is located in the extraordinary neighborhood of Kalsa, in that part of the historic city facing the sea. The majesty of this Palazzo, dating back to 1692, has been captured in many art prints of the 18thcentury.

Its renovation has involved a thoughtful process related to the characteristics of its spatial distribution. It has been developed with a rigorous respect for the building’s original structure, and includes carefully selected architectural details capable of injecting new life to the space itself, as well as respecting its new exhibition function. Palazzo Butera acts now as an open laboratory for the city, exploiting its history, culture, science and art as a catalyst for social development.

The architectural renovation includes the construction of a unique pathway that allows the use of space in an uncharacteristic manner. The path consists of a new stairway made of iron and backlit glass, which is connected to a gallery through a walkway made of anti-slip glass DecorFlou Antiscivolo. The floor of the gallery itself is made of DecorFlou Antiscivolo glasswhile the pathway floor has been constructed with non-slip DecorFlou Antiscivolo low-iron glass laminated with SolidLight: the first one guarantees the anti-slip function, the other one lights up the surface.

Low-iron anti-slip DecorFlou Antiscivolo glass has been used also for the walkway of the staircase of honor, to light up the stair ramps.

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