Add color with glass<

Custom made lacquered glass for interior design projects

We think of glass as a palette, the ideal surface that can feature the most incredible and different colours and shades. But there is more: if we focus on glass as a project material, a number of distinctive elements that make it unique and irreplaceable immediately spring to mind. Glass surfaces are flat, even, and last practically for ever. Furthermore, a slab of glass is hygienic and does not lose shape or become irreversibly dirty or stained. However, we believe that compared to other architectural materials, its most extraordinarily quality is personalisability.  
In terms of “customer personalization” OmniDecor is proud of its results. Its range of products offers interior designers the highest level of personalisation for every project, to the point of making each one unique and exclusive. A result further enhanced by the use of coloured glass, the natural ally of creativity.  
The main fields of application of coloured glass are furnishings and wall panelling. OmniDecor DecorOpal lacquered glass is available in a wide range of standard colours, while personalised colours can be created even for small amounts of material. A great competitive advantage made possible by OmniDecor’s “ad hoc production”. 
The level of personalisation offered by OmniDecor also includes the possibility to opt for the “Safety” film on any chosen surface, with either standard or personalised colours. 
The paints used to colour the glass are organic and water based. 
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