Story of glass #02

Glass in the kitchen

According to Aby Warburg, art historian and founder of iconology, both “god” and the “devil” are to be found in the details. Difficult, if not impossible, to disagree: in every immediately recognizable object, what makes the difference are details. 
This may be true for any environment, but it is especially true in the kitchen, where the technological and esthetic innovations of the most recent decades have contributed to a profound transformation of what used to be the most traditional space in the home.

Contemporary kitchens have become areas of socialization, the “convivial space” par excellence, where celebration of food is in fact a connector of relationships, an occasion and pretext for socialization. A phenomenon that is simultaneously both cause and effect of designer output, a professional creativity constantly on the look-out for elements capable of characterizing their projects in unique and memorable ways.
As always, regardless of materials and production processes, creativity is what makes the difference. It is the “details” that determine a brand’s or product’s identity.

Once again, glass has a significant role in providing character and personality to a product, in making it unique and memorable. In what will make “that” kitchen among all the others, “the” kitchen that will be chosen before the others. Glass, unique and always different, is the material with the highest rate of personalization options. A unique creative material at the service of project development and invention.
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