DecorIdea Flooring

OmniDecor Glass for flooring

DecorIdea Flooring is OmniDecor’s glass specifically designed for glass flooring, with an “imperfect” and non-slip surface. Its functional surface is obtained via a unique chemical process that selectively etches the glass surface in order to make it anti-slip.
Thanks to the patterns that form an uninterrupted and orderly maze, the anti-slip effect covers the entire surface of the glass.

This glass is used for lit glass walkways, glass flooring painted on the back side, glass staircase steps, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.
DecorIdea Flooring can be cut, polished, drilled, tempered and laminated. Lamination permits to get to the necessary thickness to make it safely walkable.
The tints of OmniDecor anti-slip engraved glass are clear float glass, low-iron glass, grey glass, bronze glass. Patterns can also be custom made.
All patterns have been tested and certified as anti-slip by international standards (BCR, DIN, ASTM).
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