DecorIdea Design

The engraved glass by OmniDecor

OmniDecor’s DecorIdea Design is a decorated engraved glass whose surface is processed via a special chemical procedure that provides uniqueness and a natural look to its resulting patterns.
The surface of DecorIdea glass is dynamic: when light shines upon the etched surface, the glass seems to come to life, with a combination of three-dimensional visual perceptions and a highly textural feeling provided when touching the glass.
DecorIdea Design is used for sliding glass doors, glass partitions, large and small table tops, special furniture and lighting components. When subjected to an additional process that makes it opaque, DecorIdea Design can also be used as a wall cladding.
DecorIdea Design can be tempered also after being cut, polished and pierced as a float glass.

The color range of DecorIdea Design consists of extra clear glass versions, gray glass, bronze glass, black glass, with both frosted and transparent finishings. The patterns of the decorated etched glass can be personalized.
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