OmniDecor Marmo

OmniDecor marble glass

OmniDecor Marmo is the temperable enameled glass offered by OmniDecot that simulates the look of a natural stone with the benefits of a limited thickness and a perfect flat surface.

The marble effect is obtained by an exclusive and proprietary technique that generates a highly realistic replica of the natural stone veneer on the surface of a large glass sheet: this feature is greatly appreciated by discerning architects and glass fabricators.

The temperable enameled glass is an ideal choice for applications like kitchen backsplashes, kitchen cabinets, larger or smaller wall claddings. It’s the perfect surface to be used in retail spaces, residential buildings, hotel lobbies and public areas.

OmniDecor Marmo Collection is available in two types of stone: Marmo Carrara (white color stone) and Marmo Marquina (black color stone). It's either possible to ask for a specific stone type to be reproduced.

The exposed surface of OmniDecor Marmo is etched. About the processing of this glass, it’s important to know that after the cutting, polishing, drilling processes, OmniDecor Marmo can be tempered.
Colors and decorations
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