DecorOpal Color Collection Brilliant

OmniDecor mirrored lacquered glass

The Decor Opal Brilliant Color Collection is available in a range of colors to offer unlimited combination possibilities, and the hues are enhanced by the semi-reflective feature of its surface.

With its use of solvent-free, water based organic paints, OmniDecor colored glass is an eco-friendly product respecting all international regulations.

DecorOpal Brilliant is the ideal solution for glass wall coverings, decorative glass surfacing for furniture in general, as well as for bathroom furnishings; colored glass backsplashes (for kitchen counters). All varieties are available with both anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch frosted surfaces, as well as the shiny surfaces typical of float glass.
DecorOpal Brilliant can be cut, polished and drilled. Due to the use of organic paints, this glass is not temperable.
Although Color Collection has a wide range of available colors, if a project requires a very specific tone, DecorOpal Brilliant colors can also be customized.
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