Wall cladding

OmniDecor colored glass for walls

OmniDecor glass proposal to architects for extensive vertical surface cladding is diversified both for their technical characteristics and color palette. The rich color choice, combined with two varieties of marble stone replicas, provides an adaptable range of colored opaque glass for wall cladding.

Vertical surfaces in retail spaces, entryways of residential and office buildings, elevator landing areas, hotel lobbies and restaurants are the most common applications where OmniDecor opaque colored glass finds its ideal destination, due to its rapid application time and easy cleaning.

, opaque lacquered glass with consistent color; surface can be etched, shiny, decorated
DecorOpal Safety, especially developed for wall cladding: a safe and certified glass surface that prevents splintering in case of breakage, thanks to its safety film applied on the back of the sheet
DecorGem, opaque enameled glass with consistent color; surface can be etched, shiny, decorated
OmniDecor Marmo, toughenable glass with marbled effect, recreates the look of natural stone with limited weight and thickness.

The color ranges of the glass for wall cladding have been developed with special attention to the latest color trends. In addition, with DecorOpal Custom and DecorGem Custom, OmniDecor provides architects with a custom service for colors, available even for limited quantities.
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