OmniDecor glass for kitchen

The kitchen area requires not only quality and durable materials, but those that are also esthetically captivating. OmniDecor glass for the kitchen combines all these characteristics in several lines of products especially suitable for use in the kitchen furnishings and accessories.

Cabinet doors in colored or etched glass, colored or decorated splashbacks, glass sliding doors, countertops in anti-scratch glass, colored glass table tops matching with the kitchen cabinets, these are just some of the applications of OmniDecor products in the kitchen.
In addition, product customization is an additional contribution that OmniDecor offers to kitchen manufacturers.

The use of glass – frosted, colored, decorated – not only enhances design potential, but can also reinforce brand identity. This is a primary OmniDecor contribution to the uniqueness and distinctiveness of kitchen furnishings.

, available also in the Safety version, for cabinets and splashbacks
DecorGem, toughenable backpainted glass, also available in thin thickness (3 and 4 mm), for cabinets and splashbacks where the glass has to be tempered
OmniDecor Marmo, toughenable glass with marbled effect, providing an impression of real stone in a thin thickness, with all the advantages of glass
DecorFlou Design, to add character with an etched pattern
DecorFlou Classic Collection, frosted glass with a pleasant touch, anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch, opaque but with excellent light diffusion
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