Glass for furniture and OmniDecor suggestions

OmniDecor has always been recognized for its consultancy services offered to the furnishings sector, related to the use and application of frosted and decorated glass. Samples and prototypes are key tools for a dialog with architects and designers.
The result is made-to-measure projects where OmniDecor glass – frosted, decorated, colored or etched – contributes to making resulting projects both unique and distinctive: from kitchen to living room, from furnishing accessories to sleeping areas.

Etched glass, Decorated glass, Etched mirror, Decorated mirror, Colored glass, Engraved glass, Glass for lighting: the application possibilities for OmniDecor glass products in the world of home furnishings are virtually unlimited.
Glass for wardrobe doors, glass for sliding doors, glass for table tops, colored glass for furnishings, decorative wall mirrors, light glass and light diffusion glass: all are but a few examples of possible applications.

The quality of its glass surfaces, combined with the attention-to-detail typical of OmniDecor products, contribute to the potential uniqueness of a multitude of furnishings and furnishing accessories.
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