OmniDecor glass for space division

OmniDecor provides solutions for glass doors and sliding doors, as well as for space partitioning in general. Several different kinds of glass are at architects’ disposal, with a variety of opacity: from surfaces with the most transparent decorative patterns to the complete opacity of colored glass, with the possibility of maintaining light flow with frosted surfacing.

The primary architectural function of frosted and decorated glass doors is to maintain a connection between the separated areas. While on the other hand, OmniDecor coloredglass for doors is completely opaque, thus completely separating the areas.

DecorFlou BiFlou, DecorFlou Stripes for frosted glass doors
DecorFlou Design, for glass doors with frosted patterns, with a varying ratio between frosted and transparent areas, based on the selected decorations
DecorFlou Reflecting, for adding brightness on the reflecting side of frosted surfaces
OmniDecor Marmo, for glass doors with marble effect*
DecorOpal or DecorGem Color Collection, for opaque colored glass doors*

*DecorOpal Color Collection, DecorGem Color Collection and OmniDecor Marmo can all be applied as a support (for example, a door panel) or, since they can be stratified, in a double-faced manner.
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