OmniDecor glass for bathroom and shower enclosures

The range of glass proposed by OmniDecor for shower stalls and bathroom areas includes products with several finishings, from more opaque to the decorative, products that in addition to creating unique shower enclosure designs, make it possible to also divide a space, creating separate zones within a bathroom.

OmniDecor glass for shower and bathroom products offers the possibility to divide spaces without penalizing brightness, as well as combining esthetics and functionality: they are ideal solutions for small spaces such as hotel rooms, where there is a need to rationally separate areas without limiting the light flow.

DecorFlou Classic Collection
, anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch etched glass that guarantees an optimal privacy level
DecorFlou Design, glass for shower enclosures decorated with a variety of patterns with different levels of transparency
DecorFlou Gradient, gradient glass for shower partitions that fades from full etch to clear in the upper part of the shower wall, or in both the upper and lower parts
DecorOpal, colored glass for bathroom furniture
DecorFlou Fascia, partially etched glass for shower cabins, with etched and clear areas that can be custom made too; available with anti-limestone glass

Due to its excellent quality/price ratio and the possibility for personalization, DecorFlou Fascia’s partially etched glass is widely appreciated by shower cabins manufactures.
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